Seed Token Details

Star Fruits Token (SF)

Exchange Ticket Token

Choose any Seed Token from our exchange list, and use your Exchange Token to exchange it for the Seed Token that you want. 

※The exchange feature is scheduled for release around the end of February, so you will not be able to exchange it for any other Seed Token until then.

Guava Token (GT)

Governance Token

Whether it is a decision to implement an important feature or official recognition of a charity, having the governance token allows you to vote on important decisions for the future of the Fruits Blockchain economy.

Cherry Token (CH)

Exchange-For-MFT Token

The Cherry Token is specifically for exchanging to our Miracle Fruit Tokens (Lottery NFT) which is scheduled to release around the end of January 2022.

Lottery NFTs can be exchanged for gifts and coins randomly set for each Miracle Fruit Token.

They will be set up in a variety of ways, including Fruit Coins, Smile Coins, and Seed Tokens.

The exchange method for Miracle Fruit Tokens will be posted on the official website around February 2022.

Apple Token (AP)

Developer Token

Apple Tokens will be used for future applications developed by developers.

One feature of Seed Tokens is that developers can easily provide their own services and solutions using the Fruits Blockchain, and we plan to further collaborate with a variety of developers in the future.

The Apple tokens is an advanced distribution (pre-distribution) as we prepare for our first development for phase one.

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