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Please support Fruits SDGs Station’s efforts to deliver Fruit Wallets to children in Afghanistan.
In Afghanistan, poverty and other factors make it impossible to provide equal education to children.


The SDGs we aim to achieve


Teenage girls in Afghanistan are locked out of school and unable to study because of the Taliban occupation of the country.

In order to save as many girls as possible who feel deprived of their future because they cannot study even if they want to, we need to create an environment where they can learn freely.

Every child has the right to attend school and learn freely.

This is the surest way to lead this country towards the peace and prosperity that the Afghan people should enjoy.

We at Fruit want to create an environment where as many children as possible can learn and protect the smiles of the next generation.

We appreciate your warm support.

FRUITS will continue to develop activities to directly support the children of Afghanistan.





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Q: Where will my donation go?

A:The money you donate will be donated to a Fruits SDGs Station in Afghanistan.

Q:How will my donation increase the amount of Fruits Wallets in Afghanistan?

A:We support local children and their families to become financially independent by donating money and providing them with an educational and sports environment.

Q: Do they have smartphones?

A:Studies show that around 22% of the world are unbanked, which is about 1.7 billion people. Within that group, it is said that around 2/3 of that population actually owns a smartphone, meaning around 1.1 billion unbanked people have smartphones!

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