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Please support Fruits SDGs Station’s efforts to deliver Fruit Wallets to children in Brazil.
Brazil is unable to provide equal education to children due to poverty and other reasons.

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Please support Fruits SDGs Station’s efforts to deliver Fruit Wallets to children in Brazil.

In Brazil, South America, children are not given equal access to education due to poverty and other reasons. As a result, the gap between rich and poor has widened.

In addition, the number of places where children can safely play sports such as soccer is decreasing due to the deteriorating security situation.

Fruits SDGs Station aims to help children and families in underserved communities by establishing a support base in the community. Our volunteers identify issues facing children in the community and provide assistance. We also teach children how to use Fruits Wallet and how to receive and use their allowance to encourage independence.

We will open an SDGs station in Sao Paulo, the capital of Brazil, to expand our activities.

Today, 60% of Brazil’s 32 million children still suffer from poverty.
They suffer not only from economic hardship, but also from human rights violations.
Moreover, over the past decade, the problem has shown no signs of positive progress…

We believe that problems such as poverty inequality, educational inequality, and human rights violations will not improve without the help of people outside of Brazil.

As noted above, 32 million children in Brazil currently live in poverty.
6 million do not have enough money to buy the bare necessities and food.
12 million people have problems with inadequate access to sanitation, education, and information.
In addition, 14 million children live on the bare minimum, cannot afford luxuries, and suffer some form of human rights violation.

Please support Brazilian children facing many hardships with your direct donation.

Thank you in advance.


FRUITS will continue to develop activities to directly support children in Brazil.


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Q: Where will my donation go?

A:The money you donate will be donated to a Fruits SDGs Station in Brazil.

Q:How will my donation increase the amount of Fruits Wallets in Brazil?

A:We support local children and their families to become financially independent by donating money and providing them with an educational and sports environment.

Q: Do they have smartphones?

A:Studies show that around 22% of the world are unbanked, which is about 1.7 billion people. Within that group, it is said that around 2/3 of that population actually owns a smartphone, meaning around 1.1 billion unbanked people have smartphones!

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