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Please support the children in Mali and help provide Fruits Wallet to them.
Mali, in West Africa, has not been able to provide equal education to its children.

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Please support the children in Mali by helping them get Fruits Wallets.

Mali is a country in West Africa that faces inequality education issues for children.

In addition, the roads are still unpaved dirt, so when it rains, large puddles of water form. In such environment, areas where children play can are submerged



We will expand the activities of our SDGs Station from Bamako, the capital of Mali.

We aim to create equal educational opportunities for children and an environment where they can play sports with peace of mind.

Above all, we will deliver Fruits Wallets to children and their families who do not have access to bank accounts to support their financial independence.


Thank you for your warm support.



FRUITS will continue to expand its activities so that it can provide direct support to the children of Mali.

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  1. yeasin9000

    Hi sir my secret code I am donation has been received.

    239 day ago
  2. hidekazu0888

    I wanted a Phase 4 secret code, so I donated one fruits to Mali. Smile has also arrived. But it is treated as a cancellation. What should i do?

    223 day ago

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○ Where will my donation go?

The money you donate will be donated to a djembe school in Bamako, Mali that promotes musical culture.

The money will help the school teach music to the local children and residents and support their independence.

○ How will my donation increase the amount of Fruits Wallets in Mali?

Using this school as a base, we will expand the circle of Fruits activities in Bamako by educating and enlightening the local people with information on how to use the Fruits Wallet.

○ Do they have smartphones?

Studies show that around 22% of the world are unbanked, which is about 1.7 billion people. Within that group, it is said that around 2/3 of that population actually owns a smartphone, meaning around 1.1 billion unbanked people have smartphones!

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