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Please support Fruits SDGs Station’s efforts to bring fruit wallets to children in South Sudan!



The SDGs we aim to achieve


Food shortages are South Sudan’s biggest problem.
The food shortage is the biggest problem in South Sudan.

南スーダン:何週間も野草食べ母「なぜ罪なき子供が…」 | 毎日新聞

Fighting has reduced food production, displacing livestock and making it difficult to obtain food sources instead. Prolonged drought, flooding, grain diseases, and pest damage have caused agricultural production, which depends primarily on rainwater, to suffer severely.

Specifically, due to high food prices and reduced availability of food products in the market
This is due to.

南スーダンの子ども達が餓死していても、日本は毎年4,000万人の食料を捨てている | ハフポスト NEWS
Weight malnutrition continues in the area of living, and the number of underweight malnourished children under the age of five is about 860,000.
Seeing their thin limbs, small backs, and protruding spines, I was determined to reduce the number of such children by one.


And children must be created in an environment that provides them with adequate nutritional needs
FRUITS will continue to expand its activities to directly support the children of South Sudan.

FRUITS will continue to expand its activities to directly support children in South Sudan.

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Q:Where will my donation go?

A:The money you donate will be donated to a Fruits SDGs Station in The Republic of South Sudan.

Q: How will my donation increase the amount of Fruits Wallets in The Republic of South Sudan?

A:We support local children and their families to become financially independent by donating money and providing them with an educational and sports environment.

Q: Do they have smartphones?

A:Studies show that around 22% of the world are unbanked, which is about 1.7 billion people. Within that group, it is said that around 2/3 of that population actually owns a smartphone, meaning around 1.1 billion unbanked people have smartphones!

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